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Negotiating your way through the great desert wasteland is never easy. The conditions are often primitive and the locals semi-literate but I did it! I went to Mt. Panorama, Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia, 6-7 October, 2001 just to see a motor race.

And a great race it was...

Cars lined up on the starting grid just before race start. Ford took pole position but did anyone seriously think they could win the race?

The Team Kiwi car had a serious ding the day before and was still being put back together right up to race start. It didn't start with the rest on the grid but pulled in behind the pack after race start. To the right are two of the Team Kiwi gurlz with their pet sheep. Mmmmm - nice!

This is a Holden and it's red. So, there's oviously nothing wrong with it. Race cars just need a lot of attention.

The top of the mountain is a great place to watch the cars scream through corners at unbelievable speed. In this shot a Ford appears to be leading a Holden; the Ford is obviously a lap down.

While on top of the mountain we saw this car crash into the track side barrier right in fron of us - cool!
Obviously, it's a Ford. Had it been a Holden, its superior handling would undoubtedly have kept it on the track.

Australians are beautiful people aren't they? On top of the mountain is the place where those most passionate about motor racing gather to get even more passionate about beer. Amongst the wildlife on top of the mountain is no place for women and children but we kept our heads down and escaped before they recognised us as f****** Kiwis.

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