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Alka, Mary & Anna with Mt. Maunganui in the background L'Esperance Rock, the southern most of the Kermadec Islands, 444 nautical miles from Mt Maunganui.
Cheliodactylus sp.
Apogon doederleini
Epinephelus daemelii
Masked moki (Cheliodactylus sp.) Three-line cardinalfish (Apogon doederleini) Spotted black grouper (Epinephelus daemelii)
Grey moray eel (Gymnothorax nubilus)
Kermadec demoiselle (Chrysiptera rapanui)
Gold ribbon grouper (Aulacocephalus temmincki)
Chrysiptera rapanui
Aulacocephalus temmincki
Curtis (to left) and Cheeseman (right) Islands viewed from the north west Curtis (to right) and Cheeseman (left) Islands viewed from the south west
Trachypoma macracanthus
Cirrhitus splendens
Zanclus cornutus
Toadstool grouper (Trachypoma macracanthus) Splendid hawkfish (Cirrhitus splendens) Moorish idol (Zanclus cornutus)
Hard coral
Kermadec demoiselle (Chrysiptera rapanui)
Whip coral
Parma kermadecensis
Whip coral
Forcipiger flavissimus
Gorgonian fan
Gorgonian fan
Gorgonian fan
  Gorgonian fans  
Zoanthids on gorgonian skeleton
Lionfish (Pterois volitans)
Phyllidiella pustulosa nudibranch
Phyllidiella pustulosa
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