Crayfish and butterfly perch at Porpoise Point

Gibbo and Pete were bimbling along when they found this wreck thing. Then Gibbo found this brass thing. I think he put it back where he found it and continued his bimbling.

Crayfish near Porpoise Point

Gibbo self portrait

Skip demomonstrating perfect scootering technique

Schooling butterfly perch near the mouth of Breaksea Sound
Wreck of the Ranginui in Breaksea Sound. She sank at her mooring in 1995 and now rests in about 60 metres of dark, clear water.

Pete with a rack of plates from the galley.

From out of this hole, a man emerges with a telegraph!

1 Gibbo finds a dive tank, sends it to the surface, and looses it. 2&3 Gibbo and Pete near the stern.


400 million years ago primitive life forms emerged from the sea.

New Zealand fur seal pups (
Arctocephalus forsteri) and rebreather diver (Homo sapiens).

Southern man
(Homo sapiens waitatiensis)



After waiting for a couple of hours for the chopper it swoops in from out of the mist. Frank has been on the boat and frantically paddles the dinghy ashore.

Richard "Hannibal" Hayes (Southern Lakes Helicopters) takes us out from Supper Cove.

Southern man-mobile. Up our way, this'd go from vehicle testing station to wreckers yard faster then you can say 'double shot trim latte'. I hear scrap prices are quite good at the moment. 'Nough said.

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